"But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?"
-Albert Camus

Strike it from your mental record, start over. If I’m guilty you’ll find more evidence. If I’m not guilty you’ll maybe find that too.

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Teaser Tuesday


Sorry all,

We’ve been going through some changes so this side has been a bit neglected lately but we’re back now with some big news!

Hannibal Season 2 will available on DVD/Blu Ray September 9th! 


Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more about what type of special features you can look forward to!


BRYAN LOOK AT THAT SUIT! everyone is in! x

I haven’t had internet in a week!

Omg life is so painful! 

#tbt to one of my favorite nights ever #hannibalpartypartone #hannibaldinnerparty #fannibals #ohyoufancyhuh #love
First day of work! #americorps #unitedway #andersonindiana #WOO #LEGGO (at Anderson University)
My new home #Anderson #americorps #Indiana #adventures #herewego (at Anderson, Indiana USA)

nothing in my queue & at a work conference = sad blogging :(